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Amandeep Singh
DRE 02038779
Mobile: 209-406-9226Office: 209-846-2220
Amanjit Kaur
DRE 02061072
Mobile: 510-766-9722Office: 209-846-2220
Amrinder Kaur
DRE 02080548
Mobile: 925-918-0238Office: 209-846-2220
Andrew Carrasco
Mobile: 209-251-8264Office: 209-846-2220
Antone Drinkard
DRE 01981307
Mobile: 209-556-7052Office: 209-846-2220
Armando Magana
Mobile: 209-614-6232Office: 209-846-2220
Balbir Singh
2098462220: 209-405-5338Singh: 209-846-2220
Beatriz Hurtado Orozco
Cell: 209-417-2347Office: 209-846-2220
My name is Bertha Rivera, I have a love and passion for helping people achieve their goals. I am a person of integrity and trust. I come from a 34 year career in serving the public and helping individuals attain their goal of maintaining their independence and safety in their homes. As a Realtor, I am proud and fortunate to be working with fine, innovative and knowledgeable professionals at The JRP Group. I look forward to meeting new people, becoming their Realtor and helping them realize their goal and dream of the home ownership as well as providing assistance with other real estate needs. All of which has been a profound interest of mine for many years. Professional enjoyment for me is defined as spending time working with my clients' to make a positive difference in their lives. Personal enjoyment is defined as spending time with my family and making a positive difference in their lives.
Bertha Rivera
Mobile: 209-581-3101Office: 209-846-2220
Brandon White
DRE 01956431
Mobile: 530-383-0141Office: 209-846-2220
Mobile: 209-496-9220Office: 209-846-2220
Mobile: 209-614-0476Office: 209-846-2220
Mobile: 209-614-0741Office: 209-846-2220
Cecilia Magallon
DRE 01883028
Mobile: 209-345-7212Office: 209-407-4222
Cheryl Mobley
DRE 01314896
Mobile: 925-915-0001Office: 209-846-2220
Cynthia Aguilar
Mobile: 209202-2624Office: 209-846-2220
Dalia Leon
DRE 01856605
Mobile: 209-605-5705Office: 209-846-2220
Daniel Freggiaro
DRE 01047149
Mobile: 209-380-3373Office: 209-846-2220
Hi, I'm Esteban from Escalon! I've affiliated with The JRP Group to help YOU! Raised in the central valley, educated at UC Davis, Spanish speaking and here to serve Northern California.
Esteban Felix
Mobile: 209-996-4650Office: 209-846-2220
Esterine Dahlstrom
Cell: 209-456-0613Office: 209-846-2220
Fernando Solorzano
DRE 01398539
Mobile: 650-690-4966Office: 209-846-2220
Gail Taylor-Tilley
DRE 00931838
Mobile: 209-756-2251Office: 209-846-2220
George Lozano Fajardo
DRE 01353707
Mobile: 209-602-8575Office: 209-846-2220
Gustavo Salgado
DRE 02047575
Office: 209-846-2220
Hardeep Deol
DRE 01732028
Mobile: 530-570-7681Office: 209-846-2220
I am proud to announce that I have joined The JRP Group.
Hector Villafan
Mobile: 209-598-3208Office: 209-846-2220
Humberto Moreno
DRE 01373621
Mobile: 209-534-6391Office: 209-846-2220
Janina Frisco
DRE 01357302
Office: 209-846-2220
Jaskarn Chahal has recently joined The JRP Group as a young, tech savvy REALTOR. Jaskarn started his entrepreneurial endeavors in 2013 crafting his expertise in commercial real estate and creative development projects. Jaskarn understands the importance of continuing education. He will be graduating from CSU Stanislaus in May with a Bachelors in Political Science. He will continue on with his studies by attending Santa Clara Law School in August. Jaskarn stands ready to assist you with all of your commercial or residential real estate needs.
Jaskarn Chahal
DRE 02056318
Mobile: 209-605-3200Office: 209-846-2220
Jasmin Marquez
Mobile: 310-351-3455
Jaswant Pannu
CalBRE 01823177
Mobile: 408-340-0157Office: 209-846-2220
Jesus Olide Jr
BRE: 09059335
Mobile: 209-409-2819Office: 209-846-2220
Josie Nabors
Mobile: 209-493-2690Office: 209-846-2220
Juan Magallon
DRE 01927767
Mobile: 209-499-7717Office: 209-846-2220
Realtor Juan Romo, Real Estate Agent with The JRP Group in Modesto CA
Juan Romo
DRE 01906966
Mobile: 209-595-5413Office: 209-846-2220
My Name is Juliet Marquez and for over 20 years, I have loved serving the Central Valley with their Real Estate Needs. Early in my career, I specialized in lending but then decided to move to Real Estate Sales, realizing that was my passion.Along with finding my wonderful clients their New Home, one of my other passions is cooking.
Juliet Marquez
DRE 01937547
Mobile: 209-602-1114Office: 209-407-4222
Kulbir Bajwa
Cell: 209-605-8026Office: 209-846-2220
Kuldeep Singh
DRE 01981238
Mobile: 209-277-9556Office: 209-846-2220
Liliana Calderini is a full time, licensed, professional Realtor. Spanish is her first language, but she is also bilingual with excellent command over the English language. Liliana has a strong background in real estate as an assistant loan officer. She continued her studies to earn her California real estate license. Liliana recently joined The JRP Group real estate brokerage in Modesto, CA. Liliana is very honored to work for a company that is not only professional, but also loyal to their greatest assets, their clients. Of her many life accomplishments, Liliana is proudest of her role as mother to her three beautiful, grown children. Liliana has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, having opened her own deli business in 2006. She was also certified as a personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. Helping people make the right life choices has always brought great joy to Liliana. She hopes to continue that path of helping people by guiding them to make wise real estate decisions. Call Liliana for all your real estate needs.
Liliana Calderini
DRE 02046136
Mobile: 209-609-1475Office: 209-407-4222
Maribel Chavez
Cell: 209-423-5307OFFICE: 209-846-2220
Moses Marquez
Mobile: 408-888-5059Office: 209-846-2220
Noel Marrujo
DRE 01721671
Mobile: 831-707-0846Office: 209-846-2220
Otilia Escalante
Office: 209-846-2220CELL: 209-484-8809
Pav Sekhon
Cell: 209-289-5855Office: 209-846-2220
Phil Savage
DRE 02019607
Office: 209-846-2220
Raman Singh
DRE 01889002
Mobile: 209-605-6500Office: 209-846-2220
Ramandeep Singh
2098462220: 209-479-2441Office: 209-846-2220
Ravi Singh
DRE 02045901
Mobile: 209-604-2734Office: 209-846-2220
Ron Brazil
DRE 02064546
Mobile: 209-815-0399Office: 209-846-2220
Shaan Gandotra
DRE 01989981
Mobile: 209-658-1409Office: 209-846-2220
Sonny Dhanda
DRE 02061070
Mobile: 510-556-6266Office: 209-846-2220
Steve Bassi
DRE 01980526
Mobile: 209-678-5233Office: 209-846-2220
Vince V. Landolina
DRE 00316699
Mobile: 209-605-6234Office: 209-846-2220

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